About Us

Q-Methods is the culmination of Digital Active's 20+ years of experience developing and successfully implementing process-led workflow management software.

The Q-Methods Software as a Service (SaaS) team leverages Digital Active's Q-Methods architecture and rapid development tools, greatly reducing the implementation and customization cycle. Q-Methods' mission is to provide a software platform that immediately creates value, efficiency, and is adaptable to the organization.

We make organizations better.

Creative code for
creative thinkers.

Meet the team

  • John Creed

    John Creed, CTO   

    John, a co-founder of Q-Methods, has more than 20 years of experience in software architecture, development, and cloud-based applications. John developed the Q-Methods (QM) platform that efficiently translates workflow and business processes into applications that, time and time again, are quickly adopted and integrated into a customer's workflow. John leads Q-Methods' technical team, including the management of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment.

    A transplant from Chicago, John now enjoys the country life with his wife and various farm creatures.

  • Eric Signs

    Eric Signs, CEO   

    Eric is a veteran of the creative industry and co-founder of Q-Methods. Beginning his career in Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising, he has since successfully launched enterprises in all types of media including digital print, video, & music production. A creative at heart, Eric possesses a keen understanding of the management and workflows of the creative business process, from sales through production. As CEO of Q-Methods, he leads the marketing, product development, and operations of the company.

    A father of 2, Eric enjoys the rare occasion of making music with his musical peers in between cross-country meets and various other local high school activities.